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Hendrix Consulting Group provides high quality aerial imaging solutions to business sectors including:

Utility and Critical Infrastructure

Our Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) are used to conduct utility and infrastructure inspections. This service includes imaging of utility infrastructure such as electrical, gas or power distribution lines. A live high definition video and photo feed may be used to alert crews of potential areas of concern, allowing workers to remain at a safe distance to evaluate and inspect any issues. In addition, our UAS can safely fly and collect data in areas that may not be readily accessible by aircraft or ground. Hendrix Consulting Group’s aerial imaging reduces overall environmental impact — by greatly reducing noise, no fossil fuel consumption due to use of battery power and a more cost effective way to collect aerial data, our imaging platforms are far more economical than use of a traditional fixed wing or rotor aircraft.


Commercial Real Estate, Construction and Land Development

Time is money — by using our UAS platform, your firm is able to monitor construction and development progress on a regular basis. High resolution videography, photography, orthomosaics, layered progression mapping, measurement accuracy, and 3D modeling are all available within hours from acquisition to the final product. Market your properties to a wider audience by offering state of the art, high-definition imaging to prospective buyers.

Agriculture Mapping and Data Collection

Continually managing crops and improving yield is the goal of every agricultural enterprise. Our UAS systems can detect what you may not be able to see from the ground — eliminating disease, weeds or correcting irrigation and fertilization issues. Our infrared and on-board sensors will locate concerns — giving you early warning and time to take corrective action. Whether creating an application map or customized index, Hendrix Consulting Group is ready to assist in providing a solution for your interpretation or to share with your agronomist thereby protecting your asset from unwanted anomalies.


Energy, Mining and Natural Resources

From mining extraction concerns to pipeline thermal imaging, our aerial data collection will provide you with the images needed to make sound decisions. By using our UAS platforms, you will safely be able to obtain everything from accurate volume data and structural integrity to quality control monitoring and progress — all via efficient, collaborative and secure data encryption.